Back to my roots – Goth Shoes

I used to be a Goth, although I use that term loosely, I wore black, heavy boots, dark makeup and had black hair. I was probably only about 14. I was going to darkwave club nights in Norwich and hanging around with people who only wore PVC and lace. Those were good days but I was wondering how the style I rocked back then has affected my current style.

I certainly don’t wear all black now. My wardrobe is full of colour and texture. However, I do still have a love for Goth/rock boots and still own a pair of New Rock boots and various pairs of DMs.

My make up is still generally quite eye heavy but a lot more retro than it used to be. My hair isn’t quite as weird but it’s certainly alternative. I still love PVC, leather and studs but paired with bright colours and sheep print fabric.

These are almost exactly the New Rock boots I still have and they are all sorts of clunky wonderful. I’d love to incorporate them into my style once again. I’m thinking leather-look leggings, a sleek black dress with a big waist belt and lots and lots of black jewellery with studs and chains. And big hair. I could make these ‘fashionable’, or at least a bit more stylish.

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