Good teeth make you look younger

Whenever I watch Ten Years Younger, the thing that always gets me is how much of a transformation there is when the person being made to look younger gets their teeth done. Knowing how this can transform a look, I’ve always been careful with my teeth and hate it when the dentist tells me that they are anything but perfect.

Dental work can be hugely expensive but I was recently pointed in the direction of Invisalign Surrey. Essentially they are just invisible braces that straighten your teeth.

Generally the problem with straightening teeth with conventional braces is that they don’t look particularly attractive. Braces are all right on children and the outcome is gorgeous teeth in adulthood but if you never got the option of braces when you were a child then Invisalign could be for you.

It’s vain to suggest that invisible braces are the better option but if you want to straighten your teeth then that’s probably for aesthetic reasons too. I actually think the coolest thing about Invisalign is that they only take 12-18 months to straighten teeth. Conventional braces take anywhere from 35 months to 96!


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