Girls Aloud Pandora Collection

Girls Aloud are universally recognised around the globe for their trend-setting fashion choices and eye-catching outfits. Cheryl has inspired the nation on The X-Factor, Nicola paved the way for feisty redheads, and now the girls have turned their hand to jewellery design. Pandora’s Latest stunning collection of bracelets is designed by none other than the G.A. girls themselves!

Each starlet has created a unique bracelet which represents her personality; Cheryl’s bracelet has chunky silver beads and a delicate crown charm as a centrepiece (inspired by her performance at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, according to Ms. Cole).

Kimberly Walsh has gone for a two-tone effect with a sprinkling of diamond to represent her love of indulgence, and Sarah Harding has designed a rocky bracelet with darker beads to complement her usual look.

Nadine Coyle has opted for a typically girly and delicate bracelet with five spaced beads, and Nicola Roberts has channelled the boho vibe with a chunky woven design, incorporating earthy toned beads.

The Girls Aloud collection would make a stunning Christmas gift for a fan of the group, but the bracelets are equally beautiful and well designed in their own right. The five very different designs mean that there is something to suit every style, and most women would be happy with a Pandora bracelet for Christmas!

The Girls Aloud range doesn’t come cheap, with bracelets starting from around £279 for Sarah’s design, and rising to a whopping £1,100 for Kimberley’s extravagant diamond creation! It is possible to buy ‘beginner bracelets’ though, which come complete with some of the charms and beads chosen by the girls themselves. You can then add charms and build up your own bracelet over the years.

This makes a great Christmas gift idea, and you can buy a new charm or bead for each birthday and Christmas gift for years to come (an excellent option for men who never quite know what to buy – you’ll be sorted for years!). Pandora bracelets can be bought online or from any good high street or independent jeweller – go into a store to try a few on and choose your favourite!

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