Girl About Town

I was feeling a little rubbish last Friday, that was until Ben invited me to the pub with him and a few of his work mates. I got home early so I took my time overdressing for a trip to the pub and playing with the cat.


The dress is a 50s style skull print wrap dress off of Vivien of Holloway. It’s tight and it makes me look wonderfully wasp waisted. I’m not posting the full body shot I took as I was too lazy to use my tripod and thus opted for the mantlepiece. Suffice to say the shot was shit so you get a picture of me huddled up fussing Captain Tuesday. Probably not all that flattering either but it’s the best I could do and you get the idea.


I wanted to take this opportunity to write a little about MAC’s Girl About Town Lipstick. It’s the brightest I’ve been able to find and I love it. I bought this when I was in Toronto last year but it’s available here. It’s quite a pricey lipstick at £13.50 but it’s got some serious staying power.

It’s bright and it’s gorgeous. I always get a lot of compliments about this lipstick – although I suppose most of those are from people shocked to see lips brightening up the streets of Norwich. It is easy to apply and I haven’t found any bleeding with it (but then I suspect I wouldn’t without any lip lines to speak of.) I didn’t use lip liner (mainly because I don’t know how to or how to find the correct shade…)

It lasts ages, I only had to reapply once on this night out and that was after eating.

The downsides are that it hurts, it makes my lips so dry, even after exfoliating and pretty much drowning my lips in lip balm beforehand. The fact that it stays on so well is also a double-edged sword. At the end of the night no amount of scrubbing and makeup wiping would get it off. I eventually gave up and went to bed.

It was still there in the morning so I got to go on a Geocaching walk with my mum while still looking pink-lipped and glam. It wore off fairly evenly so the stain didn’t look too bad although I did end up applying another lipstick over the top later on.

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