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Have you ever been invited to do something and have had to decline because you haven’t shaved your legs? I’m generally not one to worry about a bit of leg fur, I’d rather have fun in a pool or a friend’s hot tub than miss out just because I’m lazy.

However, Gillette has come up with a solution for all you ladies who don’t like to be caught with a single hair on your legs. Gone are the days where you have to turn down that invitation to get your legs out and sunbathe, swim or strip off with someone sexy.

An amazing video from Youtuber Tessa Violet.

It’s important to be spontaneous and if this little razor can help you to do things #inasnap then you need one in your life. I think too many of us are stuck in a routine of work, sleep and socialising with the same group of friends. It’s time to be spontaneous!

I wish I could give you some tips on how to be impulsive but it doesn’t work like that. The best you can do is come prepared for any situation, if that means carrying a mini razor in your bag, go for it. For other people it might mean carrying make up with them, or a sports bra. Preparing to do something spontaneous kind of defeats the point but if you’re not a spontaneous person then this can be a great way to ease yourself in.

Although it’s been planned, tonight I’m playing rugby. Not something I’ve ever shown an interest in before and I don’t even know the rules of the sport (shame on me) but when someone asked if I wanted to go to training, I jumped at the chance and said yes instantly.

This post has been sponsored by Gillette Venus but all opinions, advice and rugby fears are my own.

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  1. This post is so inspiring. I often decline invites just because i haven’t shaved my legs or in not spontaneous enough and this has really made me think!!

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