Gift Guide for Her: Perfume

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My first gift guide for her for this year. I can’t believe it’s November already and Christmas is creeping up on us!

Perfume makes a great gift, especially if you know the different sorts of fragrances someone loves. A safe bet, if they don’t have a usual perfume is to go with a brand or celebrity they admire. The Beyoncé Heat perfume, for example, would make a great gift for any fan of the singer.

Another way to choose a scent would be to go for specific fragrances you think match the personality of your loved one. The Beyoncé scent is full of fruity floral fragrances such as orchid, orange and mango. The Gwen Stafani Harajuku perfume is known for its sweet tropical notes such as coconut. Finally, the Fendi perfume is peppery and seductive with notes of sandalwood, oak, nutmeg and jasmine.

Choosing a perfume can be a very personal experience as everyone smells things differently depending on mood. Generally, the scents you find the most appealing are those that your body is craving.  Those who love the smell of lavender are generally people who don’t relax very easily and need it to calm them. The same goes for perfume and you can learn a lot about someone by the scents they wear.

If you are looking to buy perfume for someone for Christmas then take a look at 99Perfume. There’s a great range on offer at much less than the usual retail price.

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  1. I definitely need to start thinking about Christmas presents. I think perfumes are one of the best to give. They’re personal but still easy to give.

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