Gift guide for men: Watches

In this gift guide for men we’re looking at some stunning watches. If you’re shopping for a man this Christmas (yes, I’m jumping on the C-word bandwagon early this year) consider a nice watch that will last a lifetime. Here are some beautiful examples of craftmanship, technology and style.


These Autodromo watches are beautiful. Any one of them would make a wonderful gift. I love this brand because the watches are designed to capture the romantic era of motoring. The first especially makes me think of a time where people would hop in their convertible sports car (I’m picturing a Jaguar E-Type) and whiz off around Europe.

This is exactly why these watches make great gifts. Any man would love the opportunity to go back to that era of fast cars, driving gloves and more accessible motor sports. Wouldn’t they? I would!

Those final two watches are based on chronograph watches from the 60s and 70s. The Prototipo delivers the reliability and precision of a quartz watch, with the crisp pusher feel and visual delight of a mechanical chronograph.

I’d love to know what you think of these watches and whether or not they remind you of a certain era of racing or driving.

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