I find it a bit emotional getting rid of my old clothes. I’ve had to sell my favourite dress, some beautiful shoes (my feet have shrunk!) and loads of things that just didn’t fit.

There are a few jumpers and t-shirts that work as oversized pieces but generally I’ve had to sell or giveaway most of my wardrobe. There’s no point in keeping size 16 and 18 clothes when I’m a size 12-14, I know that, but it doesn’t make it any less emotional getting ride of pretty things. There is something satisfying about getting rid of fat clothes, though!

vivien of holloway dress

Here I am at around 15 stone (210lbs/95kg) – two stone into my weight loss. I’m wearing a size 18 Vivien of Holloway dress and Louboutin shoes. The dress was recently sold for a fraction of what I bought it for – although it did get a lot of wear over the years so I suppose that’s okay. I’m looking to get rid of the Louboutins because they just slide off my feet now.

It’s a good idea to recycle clothes for cash because it frees up space in your wardrobe. When you’ve lost weight you might cling to those pieces that you felt wonderful in, but think about all the new stuff you could get! Items that fit you perfectly and look even better than that one perfect dress from your fat days.

Oct 11 195ish

Here I am at 14 stone (195lbs/88kg)and I felt amazing on this day. That Ruby Rocks dress was a bargain from Tesco for £5, I wore it everywhere. I sold it recently because it just didn’t fit. Despite how amazing it was. I’ve sold a lot of clothes recently and from it I’ve bought things that really fit me. I can now wear skinny jeans and body con dresses and I recently got a new Vivien of Holloway dress.


Me recently at 12 stone (168lbs/76kg). Now I get to wear things like this amazing Stop Staring dress. I felt good in all those previous pictures because I was wearing a garment that fitted perfectly. As soon as they became too big they were never going to look as flattering.

Admittedly, I do still have a couple of size 18 items to sell. I’m partly hanging onto them out of love, partly because I haven’t has the time to sell them. The size 7 Louboutins are next on my sale list.

I suppose the moral of this ramble is not to hold onto items of clothes that are too big (or too small!) because you could get a little money for them and that money could be spent on something spectacular that fits perfectly!