Get your feet ready for SS11

I wanted to take a little look at the shoe trends for SS11. Now, while I like fashion I don’t follow it terribly closely and all my fashion trend knowledge comes from other blogs. Forgive me if I’m totally off the mark here but this is certainly what I’m going to be wearing into spring and throughout summer.


Thank god. I was getting very bored with the nudes, creams, browns and blacks of AW10. I love bright colours. Brilliant!


This is good news for anyone tall or for anyone who struggles to walk in heels. I fall into both of those camps – well, I’m tallish.

Look out for girlie, colourful pumps, flip flops and flat sandals!

Chunky Heels

Almost good news for us who can’t walk in heels because these are easier to talk in than silly kitten heels. They also help to make your body look more in proportion, I think.

Biker, punk and gothic

Probably riding on the wave of military boots that dominated last year’s shoe cupboards, this trend is close to my heart. I love the edgy, clunky look of these sorts of shoes. I think you’ll probably find you’re limited to only boots though, which mean this trend might not be so great for the beach. But perfect transitional wear!

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