A take on London’s Fashion Week


Carine Roitfeld
Carine Roitfeld – PHOTO: Mario Sorrenti

London Fashion Week is a fixed date in every fashion lover’s schedule. But not everyone is invited to sit in the front row. These seats are usually reserved for magazine editors and somewhat famous fashion bloggers. That can be frustrating. But there is a chance to be part of the show, if you really want to. Get your face – and by face I mean outfit – all over the internet and become a part of the whole five days of fashion mayhem.

How do you do that? By getting your photograph taken by the fashion bloggers outside the show area. After all, everyone is allowed to walk outside the shows, even if you don’t have an invitation. The key to getting snapped is to wear some pseudo-street style that looks super edgy and effortless at the same time. Art and fashion students have mostly perfected that look, so browse through the internet and get inspired.

Bryan Boy street style
Bryan Boy captured by The Sartorialist
rock style
So many amazing style shown off on The Sartorialist website

Or wear a more ‘grown-up’ look, inspired by fashion editors like the former French Vogue editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld. A black jumpsuit could be the perfect key piece. Limit yourself to monochrome styles, accessorize with some high-end jewellery like ladies Longines watches if available and complete it with a leather clutch. And don’t forget to pretend to be super busy, so never put your mobile down.

Another way to attract the big fashion bloggers is to look kind of extreme. Mix all kinds of patterns, prints and textures. The more ethnic it looks, the cooler you are. And cool is the way to go, because that is what the bloggosphere is longing for.

While this is all good fun, it is important to take yourself not too seriously. Fashion and clothes are great and it is a form to express your own creativity but without some sort of self-deprecation it just seems so boring.

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