Get fit with Pokemon GO

I am at the perfect age to be ridiculously excited about Pokemon GO. I was a huge fan of the games, collected and played with the cards, and was a little bit in love with Brock in the TV show.

Pokemon GO lets me relive that childhood excitement of a wiggling Poke ball and I’ve caught some of my favourite pocket monsters already (Onix, Growlithe and Psyduck, in case you wondered). The thing about this game, though, is that it’s doing wonders for my fitness too.

I am out walking every day. I should’ve been anyway but I wasn’t and the fact that this game is getting me, other millenials, plenty of kids and all sorts of other people outside and moving is fantastic!

Here are some tips on how to get fit with Pokemon GO:

Incubate and egg and walk until its done


When you stop to spin the disc at Poke Stops, you get all sorts of items but you might also get an egg too. You can find these by swiping across in your Pokemon screen. They all have different distances assigned to them: 2km, 5km and 10km. Click on one and you’ll be able to incubate it and when you’ve walked that distance it’ll hatch. The further the distance, the better the Pokemon.

Set an egg up and go, you’re guaranteed a friend for your collection by the end of it.


Who says you have to walk? You can incubate an egg quicker if you run those five kilometres. You can just about get away with it cycling too but not while driving as the game knows what you’re doing and won’t allow cheating. (Essentially, your egg won’t incubate if you’re going above 30mph. Also, you shouldn’t Pokemon GO and drive…)

Depending on how quick you are, you could half the time it takes to hatch an egg just by going for a jog. Not to mention the fact that you can cover more ground and wade through more long grass in that time too.

Go out daily

Know there is an Onix in a nearby park but can’t catch it? Keep popping back until you do. A daily Pokemon walk, even a short one, is great for your health and you’ll find yourself tempted to go that little bit further each time.


Yesterday I went for a bike ride and while I didn’t have the game running as I cycled, I did turn it on when I got to my destination. Lo and behold, there was a Poke Stop with a lure on it (this attracts wild Pokemon) right there and, because we were by the river, I caught lots of water-type Pokemon.


com2Fwp-content2Fuploads2F20162F032Fnexus2cee_PokemonGO2-728x573If you struggle with motivation to get out there, let Pokemon GO and exciting new critters be the driving force. Go somewhere interesting. It doesn’t matter if you walk, run or cycle. Pokemon GO lets you discover new places and when you are exploring, you often don’t realise you’re exercising.

Get excited

Run around catching Pokemon with your friends. Jump with joy when you catch that rare. Make friends. This game is great for bringing people together and because everyone is doing it, you get a free pass for jumping around in public.

Go to the gym


Once you reach level five you can help your team (red, blue or yellow) capture gyms. Once you have some high-CP (combat power) Pokemon you can power up friendly gyms and take over rivals – it’s like capture the flag. Do laps of your local area every day just to check your team is still holding each one.

Don’t let people tell you it’s for kids

Now, I have no problem if someone isn’t interested in the game. However, I’m getting increasingly fed up with people posting stuff that says something like: ‘I’m not playing Pokemon GO because I’m an adult and have shit to do.’

I genuinely pity these people. Being an adult is boring, An escape like Pokemon GO is perfect for those times in the day where you need to forget about the mortgage, what a dick your boss is, or whether or not you’re going to be able to get the kids to sleep without hassle.


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