[Sponsored Video] Get bright with Schwarzkopf Ultra Brights

IIMG_7247 love bright hair. When I was in highschool my hair used to be platinum blonde with pink bits (earning me the name Bagpuss). Since then I’ve been through so many different colours including black/blue/green, purple, brown/red, black/red, black/blue and currently red/ginger.

I’ve hopped on the dip-dye bandwagon. I’ve been looking at the Schwarzkopf Ultra Brights for a while, ever since Bunn the Baker reviewed the Fiery Copper colour. I’ve been itching to dye my hair a really bright colour.

These Ultra Brights work best on pre-lightened hair and are perfect for dip-dyes. I’ve recently bleached my hair with the intention to dye those lighter bits some crazy colour, I just can’t decide what. I have all these ideas and that means I’m being very indecisive.

Tip: Backcomb your hair slightly before dyeing as you’ll get a more graduated colour


colour dip dyeWish I’d seen this video before attempting my own dip-dye last week! I’m so tempted by the Raspberry Rebel featured in the video but I’m not sure how that would look with the rest of my hair being red. Purple and red won’t really go all that well together, I don’t think. Perhaps my gingery red would look good with Pillar Box Red at the ends.

Because these dyes are semi-permanent, it’s a good chance to experiment with colour. I might try purple and if it really looks rubbish I’ll pretend it doesn’t until it’s washed out. Then I can go with red!

Semi-permanent dye is also much better for your hair. Permanent colours tend to look a bit dull. If you want to go for bright and shiny then semi-perm is the way forward.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Schwarzkopf. Of course, all opinions are my own.

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