Get a Models Own make up kit for free!

The News of the World are giving you the chance to get your hands on this gorgeous kit from Models Own. All you have to do is collect two of the three tokens in the Fabulous magazine between the 9th and 23rd of January.

Readers then simply need to head to their nearest selected Tesco store to pick up their free makeup set.

The kit includes five fantastic products for readers to create a fabulous eye look:

  • Tweezers with a precision cut edge to create a beautiful shape;
  • A liquid eyeliner with pointed foam nib for amazing eye definition;
  • A duo eyeshadow to create a sultry smokey look that’s perfect for day and night wear;
  • An eyelash curler for a natural and lasting curl, and
  • Volumising mascara to frame your eyes all day (and night) long

Readers will also get a great free reusable makeup bag and 25% off at the Models Own website. Full details can be found at

To accompany the offer, Fabulous Magazine has launched “The Handbag Grab” Facebook game.  For a limited time only, fans have the chance to win various Models Own products and ASOS, iTunes, Pizza Express and Wahanda Spa Vouchers by becoming a fan of the ‘Fabulous’ Facebook and playing the game.  To take part, head to

Terms and Conditions

A token will be printed in Fabulous Magazine on January 9, 16 and 23.

To redeem, take 2 differently numbered tokens attached to your coupon (which will be printed January 16 and 23) to a Tesco checkout operator at a participating Tesco store.  Excludes selected Metro, Express and petrol forecourt stores.

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  1. I went to Tesco New Malden on the 18th Jan with my two tokens only to be told that they had run out of the make-up on offer and that they had used their quoter and were not getting any more in, is this correct

  2. l have collected two tokens for your free makeup, could you please inform me where l can get this item from. l have rung tesco of cradley heath west midlands where l live and they have not had them. Is this item at burnt tree tesco in dudley. Any help apprecated.
    Thanking you P.hill

  3. Unfortunately I’m nothing to do with this promotion. All I can advise is that you take a look at the website. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  4. I have been into two Tesco’s only to be told by one store that they don’t know what I am talking about and the other they have not received any. Not really acceptable is it.

  5. I have collected two out of the three tokens so that i could get the free Fabulous Models Own make up kit. I took it to three different Tescos to be told they had run out and probably wont be getting any more. The offer doesn’t finish until Monday so why has no where got any left? How can i get my make up kit now? I am so disappointed. I did not have any problem getting the free make up from Superdrug which was an offer that Fabulous once did. Please tell me if theres any chance of getting one and how. Many thanks.x

  6. The offer does say while stocks last but as I’m not affiliated with Fabulous, I don’t know. Maybe try getting in touch via their website.

  7. I went to my local tesco store this morning to collect my free modelsown make only to find they had none.Myself and my daughter were very disapointed as we had bought the newspapers and saved the 2 tokens bearing in mind the 3rd token will only be available tomorrow.These offers should not be available unless all orders should be fulfilled.I will stick to buying only one newspaper like we normally do.

  8. I too have made two trips to Tesco only to be told on the first one that they had ran out & would be receiving more on Sun 23rd Jan, so I made a special trip again only to be told they hadn’t had any more make-up kits in & that they wouldn’t now get any more, I was very disapointed!!! Is there any chance now of getting one?

  9. I have been to tesco super store in Warrington once on friday and today sunday and thay have told me thay have had none in atall and the offer ends 2 morro this does not seem fair because thay cannot be bothered to send them to warrington with no reasons why thay have not sent them

  10. ihave been to three tesco stores to redeem the offer
    tokens only to be told non of the stores have any
    kits left in stock this was even before the third token was issued . What do the company intend to do to sort this mess out or do trading standards need to become involved. I would be gratefull for an early responce

  11. collect two tokens and my friend did the same went to tesco to find they are out of stock . its a disgrace my friend and l collected tokens and travelled not only one store but three funny all out of stock .how does that happen?

  12. Hi i also went to 2 tesco stores and told they hardly had any packs sent,i feel let down but was told you could ring and they would send them direct to you.

  13. i also could not get free makeup kit so have emailed news of the world with my dissapointment its very wrong i only got my other token yetsterday

  14. yet again have tried to get the freebie from tesco last week had none today they said they did not recieve any dont think this is good enough!!!!!!

  15. I went in Tesco last week and this week (as soon as they opened on Sunday) and was told that they had none left and would not be getting anymore.

  16. I went to Tesco’s with my two tokens only to be rudely told they had run out and did not know if they woud be getting anymore in. I tried 4 times before the 24/01/10. The worrying this is I went on the monday after the 2nd token with published!! I thought i was the only one until i read the comments on this site.

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