Fur coat, sheer shirt, and jeans from Lily B

Yesterday was quite eventful considering I’m suffering with a horrendous cold. However duty called and I had to go out (not that it was a particular hardship, I went to see Thor then to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular).


I decided to dress up nice and warm and that meant breaking out this H! by Henry Holland fur coat that I bought during the summer. I paired it with new skinny jeans bought from Lily B, a lovely little boutique in Cromer, Norfolk. A sheer shirt and boots from Zalando, and a clutch from New Look.


I hate being ill. I’ve done so well in getting fit and losing weight that I rarely pick up colds and stuff any more so this one was a bit of a shock to the system. It’s made me realise one of the major flaws in being self-employed too. The big whack of sickness came on a day when I had a number of article due. Although most of the work was done I had some checking and sending to do. It was so difficult to motivate myself out of bed to stare at a screen with eyes blurred by a headache.

I did it though.

So, I can’t get ill. Ever again. I have a business to run and it’s just not practical.

I just want to take a moment to talk about Lily B in Cromer. It’s an amazing shop that recently has moved to bigger premises. There’s some beautiful stuff in there and I can’t wait to show you the amazing red leopard bodycon dress I bought!

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