Five Reasons T-Shirts Rock your look without shelling out huge amounts by adding a few t-shirts to your collection. Classic and durable, this wardrobe staple pairs well with everything from skinny jeans to work-appropriate blazers. Available in nearly every colour and size imaginable, a basic tee is a must-have piece of clothing for men and women of all ages.

T-Shirts Are Cheap

It’s no secret that finding tops that are affordable yet trendy isn’t easy. When you get tired of scouring clearance racks and online sales, put your faith in an ordinary T-shirt. Typically available for less than the price of a movie and popcorn, solid-coloured tees are sold at nearly every clothing store.

Cotton Tees Are Versatile

Dress your T-shirt up for a romantic night out with your partner, or pair it with baggy jeans for a comfy, laid-back look. Different accessories give your shirt a unique look. Wear plenty of jewellery and a fitted blazer for an upscale style, or wear your tee with old sneakers and tattered jeans for a weekend-friendly look. Once reserved for casual use, T-shirts are now suitable for office jobs, semi-formal restaurants, and even fashion runways.

A Plain Tee is Like a Blank Canvas

You don’t have to be the next Picasso to decorate your own T-shirt. Each shirt has plenty of space for companies like Phoenix Direct to imprint your favourite design or logo. You can also try customizing a tee on your own with markers, paint or iron-on decals. Sequins and beads add a fun touch, while strategically placed rips and knots show off your funky side.

It’s Simple to Maintain T-Shirts you’re a wash-and-go guy or gal, fill your wardrobe with easy-to-clean tees. Very few T-shirts require special attention or care, so pop a few in your washer, add a bit of detergent, and spin the dial. After your shirts are clean, skip the ironing and hang them in your wardrobe when they’re fresh out of the dryer. You can also place folded tees in your dresser drawers after washing them, or roll them into snake-like bundles if you’re packing for a vacation.

T-Shirts Are Comfortable

Don’t bother with itchy materials or too-tight fabric. Most T-shirts are made from soft cotton or bamboo, and some have a small amount of Lycra or spandex to help the shirt stretch well. No matter which material you choose, expect your shirt to feel just as good as it looks.

Few items of clothing offer the versatility and style of a basic T-shirt. Looking good doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or expensive. Experiment with new trends while staying faithful to your budget with the help of a timeless tee.


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  1. Great post, I’m definitely going to try and DIY some T-shirts this year. Not a massive fan of summer clothes in general, but I guess DIY(ing) is a great way to make them what you want :)

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