Finding freebies at shows

All these big shows like Decorex, Grand Designs, Moda UK and Pure London are a treasure trove for freebies. Lesmar makes some amazing promotional products that can often be seen at shows and events. You could get your hands on bags, books, clothing and pens. Maybe even more.

I’ve been to shows and have been given some amazing promotional tote bags, some of which I still use to this day. Here are the tips and tricks to gathering the most from a show.

– Start by visiting the stands you really want to see. If they do have any goodies to give away then it’s likely that all the good stuff will be gone by the afternoon so get there early

– Engage with people on the stand, find out about what they are doing, why they are there and if they are offering any special discounts for products bought on the day.

– Be interested. Don’t go to a show with the view to get lots of free stuff because not all of it will be useful, pretty or any good.

– Be happy to promote. If you pick up some promotional clothing, like a t-shirt, are you going to wear it? You will be giving that brand some free advertising. Find companies that you love and support. Getting a free t-shirt from them will feel even better!

– Be cheeky. If you don’t ask you won’t get. If you’ve created a rapport ith someone on a stand  then you might be able to get away with asking if they have any freebies to give away.

– Enter competitions. There will surely be loads of people standing around with clipboards asking you to enter competitions. Just for entering you might get something. If you don’t then you could win something amazing!

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