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The rise in sites such as Groupon and Living Social has been massive over the last year. It’s a great way to get stuff at discount prices and I, for one have at least five emails from different companies coming in telling me what I can buy and for how much cheaper.

I like a bargain but I don’t like a full inbox. That’s why Deal Collector is so brilliant.

You can search through their site for KGB-Deals, Deals London and all the other popular sites. It saves having to trawl through email upon email looking for deal that suits you.

You can also browse the site by city. So say if you live in Norwich, like I do, you can have a look at the Norwich deals then you can go and hunt for anything good in London for an impending trip to the big city.

If you don’t know much about these sites then you should know that they offer all sorts of things at ridiculously discounted prices. I’ve bought a £20 ASOS voucher for £9, various beauty treatments and hair cuts and there are always amazing food deals at post eating establishments.

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