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Festival season may have ended but there’s no reason why festival fashion should stop. There’s something edgy and cool about wearing wellies with shorts, or long fringed vests and skinny jeans. Of course, summer is over and it’s not practical to wear all those skimpy items. I’ve pulled together a few ideas for transforming that festival wardrobe into something that’s effortlessly cool and is perfect for winter.

Key items

 Festival Fashion

1. Parka – You often seen the coolest kids at festivals wearing a beaten up Parka, whatever the weather. Well, these coats are actually quite practical for winter. A  nice furry hood to keep your warm and dry. They also give off that grungy look that works so well in festival fashion. This one even has a very on-trend dipped hem. Hilfiger GRETA Parka £200

2. Long tee – Band tees or ones with a bold print on the front are a must-have for this style. You could customise a large men’s band tee to hang off one shoulder. Or, if you don’t want to give your allegiance to one band, you could choose something like a bold cross, peace sign or skull for your t-shirt. Cross print textured vest £7

3. Creepers – These simple platform shoes will still make you look taller but they won’t cripple your feel like some high heels. They are great for nights out where you need something glam but still a bit rock and roll. Great for festivals when it’s not raining.  Glitter creepers £20

4. Knitwear – Winter means cold weather so stock up on knitwear. A good jumper can be worn tucked into a cute skater skirt for a nice, girly look or it could be worn with jeans and big boots for a trek around the countryside. Knitted Slubby Mesh Jumper £38

5. Leather skirt – These tend to be warm regardless of whether they are real or not. A skater-style leather skirt should be a wardrobe essential this winter. It can be dressed up with high heels and a glitzy top or would look great with Dr Martens boots and simple t-shirt tucked in. Faux leather dip hem skirt £35

6. Patterned leggings – Long t-shirt, bright leggings and boots scream festival chic. The daddy of patterned leggings is Black Milk Clothing. They sell everything from animal print to the more bizarre prints such as clouds or blood splatters.  Black Milk Galaxy Leggings 75AUD (£48)

7. Wellies – We can’t talk about festival fashion without mentioning the Wellington boot. Once a simple piece of footwear to stop you getting wet but now a style statement. You could go with the simple and wonderful Hunter or you could find yourself something bright. There’s so much choice out there now when it comes to Wellies. Pier One Wellies £45

Winter festival fashion

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Shorts and Dr Martens is a great look and can be transformed for winter wear with a simple pair of tights. Ramp up the thickness the colder it gets until you need to opt for those snuggly fleece-lined ones. Find shorts in the sales now as shops start to get rid of their summer clothes. The same goes for t-shirt and short-sleeved jackets, which are great for layering.

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While we are in this transitional stage then any outfits left over from the summer’s festivals can be warmed up with a nice bright jumper. Go with earthy, autumnal colours such as green, brown or orange.

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If you’re just going for the festival style without actually going to a festival then you have a bit more freedom to wear what you want. Flat shoes are preferable for a festival just because you have to deal with mud, uneven ground and vast quantities of people and litter. If you are just rocking the look around town then you have the excuse to wear high-heeled boots. I can highly recommend the Jeffrey Cambell Lita boots. They make a statement and look great with shorts and dresses too.

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Converse and skinny jeans is a great go-to festival look. You can then pile the layers on top to keep you warm. I’ve found that Converse don’t do too well in wet weather, though. So make sure you check the forecast. The last thing you want to be doing is trampling through puddles in shoes the absorb water like a sponge. Converse also do some more robust trainers that are better for winter wear, so perhaps invest in a pair of these before it gets any chillier (or wetter)!

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