Festival fashion tips

I love festivals. The atmosphere, the people, the music. There’s something really exciting about the fashion you see at festivals too. It’s weird, quirky and people seem to think they can get away with more sartorial weirdness than they can out on the street. Here are some festival fashion tips to give you ideas for the run up to next summer. Now is a great time to buy clothes in the sales, so get shopping!


The British summer is unpredictable. It makes sense to take easily removable layers with you to a festival. Chunky cardigans might keep you warm when it gets chilly but it’s always good to take a coat with a hood too. If you are thinking about practicality then go for a fold up mac, if you want to be a bit more stylish then invest in a good parka.

Festival layering
Take tights along to a festival. They can be worn under shorts or skirts if the weather does turn a little chilly. Don’t forget warm accessories too like gloves and scarves that can just be shoved in a bag if the sun does come out. This is especially important if you go to a festival outside of the summer months. Once you get there you might be a little chilly but as soon as you start jumping around, you’ll warm up!

Don’t be afraid

There’s something about festivals that just makes people feel more adventurous. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns to achieve a really stand-out look.
Festival patterns
Big boots are a must at festivals with all that mud. I think Dr Martens boots were made for the occasion. Mix patterned sweaters with bold accessories and trousers. Throw all those ‘don’t mix prints’ rules out of the window. They’re not for festivals.

Punk rock princess

You don’t have to dress down because you’re at a festival. Most festival fashion tips will tell you that you can wear whatever you like. Embrace that and come up with some truly beautiful outfits. Pair beautiful dresses with leather jackets and big boots to give them more of a rock edge.
Festival princess
Go for lots of accessories, studs and girlie items to pull off this look. Tutus and bit circle skirts look great when your skanking away in the mud.

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