Feeling fashionably fit

There’s a big debate over how you should look when you workout. Plenty of women are criticised for wearing make up at the gym, most recently it was Katherine Jenkins. Jan Moir (don’t get me started on her…) slated the singer for running a marathon in make up and looking awesome at the end of it. Katherine Jenkins completed the marathon in 5 hours 26 minutes and raise £25,000 in the process. So what if she was wearing make up?

If she hadn’t been wearing make up then she would’ve been criticised for looking ‘unkempt’ or ‘like she didn’t make an effort’. Celebrities can’t win. But this post isn’t about celebrities. It’s about you and me, the normal folk who go to the gym in various states of made-up-ness.

Sports Shoes has launched a fashionably fit campaign in response to bitchy-jealous-bitcherson Jan Moir’s article about Katherine Jenkins. It’s a campaign that says that it’s okay to look your best while working out. As part of the campaign they sent me some sexy Nike gear so I could share with you my fashionably fit look and talk about feeling and looking your best.


Firstly, let’s talk about this Nike running top. I’ve been wearing it at every opportunity. I love it. Suitable for this awesome wintry weather and so warm. I haven’t actually been for a run in it yet but as soon as I do, you’ll know about it.


Here we have post-workout. (I’m glowing after running and leg day!) The top and trainers are also by Nike via Sports Shoes. The leggings are a very old pair of Karrimor ones that I need to retire as they’re two sizes too big.

So, let’s talk about my look. This is pretty much my usual gym attire. Leggings, trainers, some sort of top and the trusty sports bra. Oh and my Shine, which you can see on my left wrist. I don’t wear make up to the gym. The reason being is that I’m a sweater (not the knitted variety). Six minutes into my warm up and the make up would be gone. I’d end up looking worse for wearing make up than I normally do.

Am I self conscious? Sometimes.

I think the more you get used to the gym, the more you realise that people don’t care what you’ve got on your face. It’s just more comfortable for me to go with a bare face so I’m not worrying about mascara/eyeliner/glitter all over my face.

If wearing make up gives you confidence to go to the gym, bloody do it! Just make sure you work hard enough that it’s not quite intact by the end of your workout.

I know how you feel because cute workout clothes give me the confidence to go to the gym. Occasionally I’m a little self conscious in running leggings but as soon as I see the outline of my quads and butt in the mirror, everything is good again.

Wear what you want, when you want. That’s a good mantra for life. Like the kid who wants to dress up as a superhero/princess/horse at any available opportunity.


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