Feeling beautiful and working out

IMG_5595I’ve finally got to that point where I like how I look. It’s taken a while but I feel confident. However, that doesn’t stop me thinking like a fat girl. I did a photoshoot last week, I wasn’t feeling my best but I got dressed up and it made me feel better. It’s weird not to hate how I look in most photos. Even the least flattering pics I’ve taken recently, I still don’t look like a whale. That’s a weird feeling.

I think being fitter has led me to become more confident. I don’t struggle to walk to the top of the multi-storey car park any more. I enjoy going out walking, I can dance all night long and I can spend a Saturday lifting stuff in the garden. Being fit might even be a  bigger contributor to my confidence than how I look.

I’d recommend working out to anyone, whether or not you want to lose weight. If you want to find cheap gym memberships then a quick Google will bring up so many options. Until recently there wasn’t a cheap gym in Norwich but there’s one opening with no rolling contract and it’s only £10.99 a month. I can’t wait to get stuck in there and further my fitness levels even more.

 My goals

I have some goals now, after a long chat with a friend. I want to keep losing weight. I have a long-term goal and I’m going to get there.

I also want to do something that scares me. That thing will probably involve heights and some need for strength, balance and grace. I’m going to be rubbish and I’ll cry but at least I’ll be conquering a fear.

I want to really push myself cardio-wise but beyond everything, I want to get back to lifting weights. Proper weights. Heavy weights.

By the end of September I want to be in the 11 stone range. So somewhere around 167lbs. That’s about half a stone to lose.

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