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I got a lovely little package from Eyeko in the post. It contained the product that I’ve heard everyone rave about. Their Fatbalm. Cherry is probably my favourite flavour of anything so I was delighted by the gorgeous scent and deep red colour. Now, I never tried out the Fatbalm when it was first about so I can’t make any comparisons but I have to say I love it.
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It’s essentially a lip balm but it can be used on your cheeks too. As a lip balm it’s very tinted, to the point where it looks like you are wearing lipstick. It feels much more moisturising than any lipstick I’ve tried and it stays on longer than most of the lipsticks that claim to hydrate your lips.

I wore it comfortably for about three hours before it came off and it really just felt like I was wearing a lip balm. However, my lips were a bit dry the next day. I don’t think you could use this as a lip balm like you would a lip balm made specifically for softening yours lips and keeping them healthy. However, as a lip tint that is comfortable to wear it’s brilliant.

The colour appeals to me because it fits in with the retro look I sometimes go for (pale skin, simple eyeliner, red lips).

As for on the cheeks the colour is much too dark for me and because it is a balm it goes on a little shiny and a bit sticky too. I don’t think I’d be using it as a cheek colour unless it was the only thing I had on me.

But if we are considering it as a lip balm/tint then it’s brilliant. I can see this being by go-to colour for a while.

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