Emu Oil Well Eye Cream

I’ve been having some nice late nights recently and before my little photoshoot yesterday (see last post) I decided I needed to get rid of the bags under my eyes and ensure that my foundation went on smoothly. I have some Emu Oil Well eye cream that I decided to use, it’s manly for getting rid of wrinkles, plumping up skin and reducing bags from under the eyes. I’m more than happy to stop the wrinkles before they even appear so this stuff is a life saver.

Like you’d expect with an oil it was quite…oily. However, it didn’t just sit on my skin it absorbed quickly and the softness that followed was hard to explain. My eyelids and under my eyes were silky smoothe and a pleasure to touch. I decided to stroking my eyelids wouldn’t get me very far and moved on to looking in the mirror. I guessed it would take a little while before my eyes looked fresh and shiny again but that wasn’t the case! I already looked more awake and my face was ready for the application of foundation.

Regular readers will know my love of Emu Oil products and this one is on par with all the others. A brilliantr product, great for anti-aging amongst other things. I’ll let you know in 20 years or so if it has worked on my wrinkles.


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