Dresses from Avenue 32

I came across Avenue 32 today and I needed to share some of these beautiful dresses with you. I’m a bit of a ball gown kick at the moment, I’m desperate to go to some sort posh event where I can swan around in a pretty dress. Thank god Norwich Fashion Week is coming up!


This Barbara Casasola dress is beautiful. It’s not a red carpet dress – don’t even get me started on people who wear red on the red carpet… – but it’s perfect for anything when a long dress is (or isn’t) required. I love the plunging neckline and the cut out shoulders with such simplicity to the rest of the dress.


You are veering slightly into the world of the nightie with this dress but there’s something so feminine and elegant about it that I had to include it here. I love the sweeping line of it with that beautifully decorated bodice.


The shape and style of this dress is absolutely amazing. It’s by Wunderkind¬†and is made of silk. I’m not sure how I feel about it with those shoes (it’d be better with some chunky Miista boots) but the whole look is just stunning. Depending on how you wear it, it could bring a touch of monochrome elegance or even a bit of rock and roll.


Now for something a little more practical. As much as I’d love to be swooshing around in a floor-length gown, I’m not sure how I’d cope. This is a beautiful Narciso Rodriguez dress that I could see myself wearing to meetings that turn into long nights out…


Finally, a beautiful dress from Preen, I can’t get over how beautiful the pattern is on this. It’s simple, elegant, a perfect length and it’s bright!

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