How to dress for your body type

what clothes to chooseWith autumn rapidly approaching, now’s the perfect time to update your wardrobe. Many of the shops have their new season stock in, so get down the high street and look for a bargain.

Here’s how to dress for your body type.


If you’ve got a voluptuous bust, a rounded stomach and slimmer hips – you’ve got an apple body shape. This might not sound pleasant, but it’s one of the easiest shapes to dress so you’re in luck. Simply show off your lovely legs in straight or boot-cut trousers and make the most of your chest with an open neckline. Don’t hide away in baggy outfits (as these will add pounds) and instead go for structured, tailored jackets to give structure to your body.


Do you carry your weight round your thighs, legs and bum? If so, you’re a pear. Again, this term may not sound endearing, but it’ll help you dress to impress. The most important thing to do is to show off your top half – as this is slimmer than the rest of your body. Wear strappy tops, strapless dresses and beautiful maxi dresses and look for jackets with shoulder pads to ensure your shoulders are in proportion with your hips. When it comes to trousers, stick to dark colours and go for a bootleg cut.


If you do a lot of sports, the chances are you have a strong, muscular body. This is something to be proud of, but it may mean you have a small bust. While a breast enhancement procedure can enhance your assets, the right bra can also work wonders – so always invest in lingerie of a high quality. You can also add curves and volume to your figure by wearing pleats, frills and anything with a bit of extra material – just don’t swamp your frame. Good luck!


If you’ve got a large chest, curvy hips and a teeny waist – you’re an hourglass. While some think you’ve the best body shape ever, you may find it hard to wear the most fashionable styles – but fear not. Being an hourglass means getting creative, so don’t be afraid to go for wraparound dresses, fifties inspired skirts and puffy sleeved tops to enhance your dimensions. Use a belt to clinch in your teeny tiny waist and doll everything up with glamorous accessories. Click through to the Channel 4 website for more information and start trying some clothes on today!

The right attire can flatter your figure, so shop ‘til you drop and feel great this summer.

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  1. or fashion rules are stupid. and you shouldn’t worry about how other people think you should look?

    no offense to the writer, you’re obviously smart, and working on feeling good about yourself which is awesome. but really, women can wear jeans that make their but look big, have small breasts, and still be pretty. still be fashionable. you don’t have to dress for your body type. sorry, i kind of have these complaints for 90% of fashion blogs ever. you obviously know all body types are beautiful, or are working at that, i just think questioning these beauty standards, specifically things like these rules is important. look for girls breaking these rules, see how pretty they can be.

  2. They’re not fashion rules. They’re common sense. If you want to wear something unflattering then go for it. I am definitely not one to stop anyone from wearing anything but most women want to wear things that flatter them but a lot of them don’t know how. I’m just here to give people tips, not force my rules upon them.

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