The other types of Dr Martens

When we think of the Dr Martens brand we instantly think of the iconic boots. Whether they are the short ones or those beautiful knee-high boots. But, actually, the brand does a lot more than just those boots. Of course, there are the workmen’s shoes, which are steel-toecapped (I own a pair of these from my punk days) but there are also Dr Martens shoes, different sorts of boots and heels.

Here are some of the more unusual offerings from Dr Martens – all under £100.

Dr Martens shoes

These are the Derby shoes. I love the floral pattern and the brogue style with the very obvious Dr Martens stitching around the sole. I think a pair of these, perhaps in a solid colour would make great smart shoes for work. They are punk enough but you could probably get away with them in an office environment.

Dr Marten heels

These wonderous things are Raina Sandals. One of the things that most women get annoyed with about heels is the lack of grip on the sole. If you spend all that time perfecting balance and stride only to be toppled by a slippery patch, or slope then what’s the point? Look at the grip on these beauties!

These Sabrina wedges are very similar to my Jeffrey Campbell Gemini wedges, and that’s a good thing. I love the shape and the cut out sections. These are less obviously Dr Martens boots but are pretty nonetheless.

Dr Martens shoes

Another pair of Derby shoes, this time with a buckle and chrome effect. I don’t really know where you’d wear these Dr Martens shoes, all I know is that they would steal the show.

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