Don’t Lose Your Grip

I wanted to let you all know about Don’t Lose Your Grip, what they are trying to do is promote a healthy body images and raise some cash for suicide prevention and eating disorder charities.

I feel like this needs to be brought to your attention, the fashion industry is rife with eating disorders and models who promote a very unhealthy body image. The media doesn’t help, it tries to dictate to us what is normal and what is healthy and that leads to a lot of people losing self confidence.

In July Don’t Lose Your Grip will be holding a fashion show. It will promote real people, great clothes and there will be some music to go along with it. All this will be taking place in Liverpool. All the proceeds from the show will go to charity.

There’s loads of way you can get involved. The below is taken from

Okay, now the ways you can get involved are as follows;

  • Model; You can participate in the fashion show and photo shoot, in which you will be wearing custom made pieces designed by myself. Now, if you’re sitting there thinking “I’m not model material” I want you to stop it. Because what I mean by ‘model’ is ‘role model’ I want real models. Which means anyone. Of course there is a limit on how many models we will be needing, this is something that I still have to think about as it will depend on the venue and of course, how many people are interested.
  • Band or Solo Artist; Okay, now as you know I’m hoping to also hold a charity concert alongside the fashion show. For this I need bands and or solo artists. I need people that will understand that it’s a charity show and we don’t have a huge budget. But, this is all for everyone to enjoy, and it could be the perfect oppertunity for an underground band. This is a way to get your voices heard. All you have to do is send me a sample of the kind of music you play and I’ll get back to you with if you’re suitable or not.
  • Behind the scenes; You can of course just help out behind the scenes, and by that I mean before the event and also at the event. If you would like to promote us, just give me an email and I’ll get back to you with all the information you need. We also need sponsers so if you can think of someone that would sponser the project please let us know and we shall try our best to get a bigger budget.


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