WHO pulls off a better style while saving the universe?

That’s the question on everyone’s lips isn’t it? With the new season of Doctor Who underway it only make sense to take a look at the fashions of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. Claire E. Smith does just that in Feeling Stylish’s first guest post.

With season 5 in full swing, there is one question on everyone’s mind:
WHO pulls off a better style while saving the Universe?

The Tenth Doctor

Exhibit A: “Modern sort Hair”

WHO Says hair isn’t part of fashion? This Doctor chooses a more casual, ‘I don’t care’ type of look which shows the famous Time Lord confidence. Great for battles on top of a Sycorax ship or the windy shores of New-New York as it doesn’t matter how windy it gets, his hair always looks a perfect 10!

Exhibit B: Long Brown Trench Coat

Long enough to look like Superman’s cape while running. Classic enough to fit in any time period. A wise choice for any Time-Traveler!

Exhibit C: Brown Suit, maybe Blue

Okay! Looked great in the first season. Don’t get me wrong ,love the look and David Tennant pulls it off brilliantly. But with how big the wardrobe in the TARDIS is, couldn’t the Doctor have a little more variety? But with pockets bigger on the inside – who can complain!

Exhibit D: Converse Sneakers

The Doctor will see you now – in style! Converse are a classic look for the modern era on any planet. If only they made radiation-proof sneakers…

The Grade: 9.5 out of 10

The look is timeless, sexy, and very suitable for David Tennant. Only marks off for wearing the same suit in almost every episode. But hey, when you’re busy saving the Universe, who has time to change!

The Eleventh Doctor

Exhibit A: The Hair

More of school boy look or a professor sort of look to me, personally I’m more of a fan of Ten’s hair, but Matt Smith pulls it off giving that ‘nutty professor’ kind of vibe. It also seems to keep well under windy conditions, and it works for Matt! More of a timeless look than modern so it depends on your taste.

Exhibit B: Tweed jacket

The Jacket is really what makes him look like the ‘nutty professor’! Is he a professor, a salesman or THE Doctor? Lose the stolen clothes from the hospital, Doctor! But hey, at least it’ll give Steven Moffat some great material for tweed-jokes! (Jet’s note: Leather elbow patches too, are we in a Fry and Laurie sketch?)

Exhibit C: The Bow-Tie

I don’t care WHAT planet you’re from, do not save the world in a bow-tie! Please! He should listen to Amy Pond and lose the bow!

The Grade: 7.5 out of 10

With a nutty wardrobe like that, Doctor Who fans are lucky Matt Smith is cute enough to pull off any look. I just hope they learn from their wardrobe-don’ts in season two! The hair is growing on me, I can deal with the tweed jacket, but the bow tie is really what is turning me off. He should have kept the Raggedy Doctor look! While Eleven has a fashion-bust, Matt’s natural charms make up for it.

All characters, names and images are copyright of the BBC. Thank you for letting us use them. Claire and I have also decided to declare our love for the BBC (or in her case BBC America.)

Claire’s opinions are entirely her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of this blog as a whole. For example: I quite like the bow tie, geek chic. Is that an English thing? –Jet, x

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