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Ever since we bought our house (almost a year ago) we’ve had one room that’s been a dumping ground. The spare room is currently full of computer parts, a sofa bed and approximately 10 boxes of shoes. I’ve been unpacking the shoes as I need them but I have more than 50 pairs and currently nowhere to store more than 10 of them.

I’ve had this idea for a beautiful shoe shelf to show off my collection. Ideally it would be English oak, grand and on display in the middle of the house. However, that’s just not practical so my father-in-law, who is a skilled carpenter, is making us something to go into the spare room.

It’s going to have space for about 30 pairs of shoes so the rest are going to have to go into the loft or I may have to sell them.

This house is so much larger than our old house and yet it doesn’t have enough space for shoes!

Getting this shoe shelf built is the final step in getting our house sorted. Once the shoes are being proudly displayed we can get rid of the banana boxes and start to sort out the rest of the junk that’s in there. It needs to be done soon too because we have a friend coming to stay in two weeks!

I keep getting asked what my favourite shoes are but that’s so hard to answer because I go through phases. Currently I’m loving my wooden-heeled platform boots. Simply because I’ve never really been able to walk in high heels but these, despite the height of them, are actually comfortable!

Ways to display shoes

With the impending shoe shelf it got me thinking about ways to display shoes. I, along with most women, see them as works of art. The structure and lines of beautiful shoes make them so striking when displayed. Here are a number of images to inspire you.

White, square shelves are simple and don’t take away from the shoes. Keep things simple with one block colour and a uniform shape.

If you don’t want to have something specially made then you can go for a pretty glass-fronted cabinet. It’ll keep the shoes you don’t wear often protected from dust and it could go anywhere in your house. You could choose an antique piece or something modern depending on your home’s d├ęcor.

Simple white shelving against a bright, patterned wallpaper is another simple way to create a striking display.

If you do want to go for something a bit more extravagant then wooden shelves covered in the same wallpaper as the walls would create a colourful background for simple, stunning shoes.

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  1. I love the square shelves, I planned something similar when we moved into our house as we have alcoves that already have floating shelves in them but my boyfriend wouldn’t have it as it would look too messy. So now my shoes are just shoved in drawers under the bed.

  2. Eurgh, I wish I Just had the space! Currently my shoes are split into 3 areas, not good as you just forget what you have! I’d also give the tip – move them around often, then you remember what you have and your eye doesn’t always go to the same place every time! x

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