Shoe bargains

Christmas has been a little mental for me. I’ve put on weight, eaten far too much and am utterly exhausted. A good way to relax is by looking at shoes, I think! Discount shoes make me happy so I’ve been looking long and hard for some of the biggest shoe discounts!

Friis & Company discount shoes

These amazing Friis & Company boots are reduced from £114 down to £34.50! I want to wear these with a pretty dress!

Buffalo discount shoes

These Buffalo shoes are simple and elegant and would be perfect for work or play. They’re currently £38.10 reduced from £126.99. I really like the ruffled toe and the contracting heel and platform.

cowboy boot shoe discounts

These Koah ankle cowboy boots are just amazing. I’ve been looking for some little cowboy boots so these would definitely be mine if I could find them in my size. They were £150.99 but are now just £67.90.

Discount party shoes

Blink are a fairly affordable shoe company so when there are shoe bargains to be had, these are the first I look for. These simple sourt shoes are the perfect party shoe. They were £57.99 and are now just £26.10.

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