In desperate need of new luggage

Going away to bootcamp made me realise something, my old blue holdall isn’t sufficient for a week away. I need luggage that sits somewhere between that and my huge holiday suitcase. Because I’m still suffering a little from bootcamp sleepiness, I’ve decided to browse for luggage. For next time, of course.

I’m loving the Delsey All Around luggage, especially in the chocolate colours. The bags come in a range of sizes and that little one would be perfect as hand luggage on a flight. I d love a good, sturdy bag. These aren’t cheap but I don’t think you want to sacrifice on quality when it comes to bags that are going to be thrown around by airport staff, bus driver etc.

You can’t go wrong with a Wenger wheeled suitcase. These spinner ones are particularly special as you can move them in all directions. I’m notoriously bad at wheeling suitcases around but these look like they’d be much, much easier!


I also really love these Lulu Guinness cases. They have that iconic lips pattern and are hard enough to protect all your lovely things. I would’ve love to have rolled up to bootcamp with one of these!

Tell me about your suitcases. Do you go for practicality or fashion?

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