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Now that I’m getting back into working out I’m desperate to get some really cute workout gear. I keep seeing videos of people wearing amazing leggings, cute crop tops and snuggly hoodies. I have the fantastic Zaggora Vivas but that’s about it. However, that seems a good place to start. Click the images to go to the product pages.


do zaggora hotpants work

Not only do Zaggora make gorgeous workout clothes but they also serve a purpose. All Zaggora items are made from a material that increases your core temperature as you work out. You sweat more, which helps you to lose weight. I have the first HotPants but there are not HotPants 2.0, which help you to bun calories 4x faster.

The photo is of me in my Zaggora Vivas, longer workout leggings that still help to burn calories but with a pop of colour. People keep asking me, do they work? Yes! I’ve lost inches off my legs wearing them (and working out 2-3 times a week) and the cellulite is more or less gone!


I want some patterned running leggings. Here are some of the cutest I’ve found.

patterned running leggingsBjorn borg leggings

The first pair are Nike leggings, they have a cute letter print. They’re £35 and would look great with colourful trainers! The second are from the new Bjorn Borg collection.


nike jumpersnuggly hoodie

The first is a Nike jumper, not technically a hoodie because it has no hood but I love the splatter pattern. The second is from DoRunning. It’s just a lovely, long hoodie that looks comfortable. I don’t like hoodies that are too tight or short. This one looks perfect for snuggling up in after a run or when you’re out walking in the cold.


moving comfort take it on tankSaucony cute workout gear

The first of these tank tops appeals to me just because of the layering. The second I love just because of the pink and purple. A great combo, these would brighten up an outfit of black leggings.

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  1. Ooo love the legging! I really want to get some more aesthetically pleasing so I’ll definitely have to invest in some of these! Spent a long timer looking at the zaggora hot pants but didn’t want to spend the money on something that might not work so I ended up with a pair of everlast shorts which claim to do much the same thing. Not used them enough to judge if they work but they certainly get you sweating!

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