I’ve finally ordered myself a new corset. After trying on my burlesque outfit for my birthday party and finding that the corset I have does up fully at the back with little to no shaping of my figure I decided that the £20 purple, satin number is just too large for my 34inch waist. What a feeling! My boyfriend had said that he’d buy me a new corset when I got my waist down to 30 inches (which means I could corset to around 26) however, I’m not going to be there by my birthday. I don’t really want a corset that doesn’t really shape me to be part of my outfit. We are going for meal and although sitting down in the purple corset would be much more comfy I’ve decided that I’d rather look amazing and no be able to breathe (I can always loosen the lacing after the meal.)


I’m rather excited for it to arrive. Expect many a photograph when it does.

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