Complete shoe love

I get obsessed about shoes rather easily. I was just browsing today when I came across these. Shiny,b lack brogues. I’d had my eye on some shiny silver ones but there’s only so much silver goes with. These are so much better. They are glittery, elegant and have a slightly more masculine shape than most brogues I’ve seen.

These are Ras Atima shoes and I need them in my life. They are a somewhat reasonable £111. My problem with brogues is that I have no idea what to wear them with. Chinos? I need some ankle length skinnies to go with these, really.

Or they’d look fantastic with a simple shift dress and colourful woolen tights. Great for this transistory period in the seasons. Unless, of course, you are in America in which case it might be very snowy and brogues won’t e doing you much good.

If it is snowy/there’s weather, you need these!

These are Metamorphose Hatami boot. They are zebra flavour!


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