Coming up to race day #RFL15

So, I’m supposed to be running in the Race For Life 10k on Saturday and I’ve got a cold. Every intake of breath beyond the natural and subconscious leaves me in a coughing fit. My head also hurts so much that I can’t see…

Am I going to race?

Of course, but it’s no longer about getting a certain time. It’s about wearing pink, enjoying myself and raising money for a great cause. You can sponsor me here!

I won’t be the fastest but I’m going to try my hardest to be the most colourful. There’s something about a fun race environment like this that just gets you pumped so, you never know, I might kick arse.

This is where I encourage you to sign up to the race. It’s a great cause, a fun challenge and you won’t regret it. No matter how daunting the distance looks (5k or 10k) I promise you’ll enjoy yourself. Pace isn’t important, you’re welcome to walk. What is important is raising awareness and doing something that challenges you to be a better person.

You can sign up to your local race here and if you use the code RFLFS you’ll get a discount too!

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