Clothes You Shouldn’t Be Seen Dead Wearing To a Posh Party

What is the buzz with dressing, right? Well, this is majorly to avoid being the centre of attention for everything wrong. Dressing down could make you end up looking like a lame at that event: trust me it is the worst feeling ever. You will not even enjoy the party. For some people, wearing the wrong clothes to specific events is not a big deal: some don’t even notice. However, there are the other folks that notice when it is too late and too deeply immersed in the party. The following are a few handy tips that will help you avoid making that grave mistake.

Ball party

A ballroom party is a formal dance party that usually takes place in the evening: there are clothes that you cannot afford being seen wearing.

Clothes not to wear to a ball party

1.      Denim clothes

Whatever you do, have it in mind that denim clothes cannot be allowed to a ball party. Note that the party is all about elegance. Denim might be cool and sometimes even expensive. However, they are not meant for the ball dance parties.

2. Short and ill-fitting dresses

These are allowed for nightclub parties. If you wear skimpy clothing for the ball, you will only end up feeling and being out of place. The chances are that you will not even stay the whole night. As earlier described, ballroom parties are accompanied by graceful dance moves. Short dresses might not be fit for the job. A gown will do. Dress for the occasion.

3.  T-shirts

It is time to part ways with your dear T-shirt. Remember that going to a ball party is not all about wearing the most expensive of your outfits. As much as the t-shirt might be costly than your tuxedo suit, I am sorry, but you have to leave it at home. You need to play the gentleman and invite the lady for a dance. It will not turn out so well if you are attired in a t-shirt.


Wedding parties are the other area in which most people do not seem to wrap their minds around when it comes to what to wear and what not to. The fact that wedding parties have an assortment of age groups does not mean it is time for you to show up in jeans and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. You can get pretty flower girl dresses among other outfits for a special occasion: you have no reason to be out of place as JJ’s House is there to supply you with everything you need for a wedding.

Clothes not allowed to a wedding party

1. Tuxedo

You are not looking to steal the spotlight from the groom. It would be unfair if you stole some of the attention. For that reason, you should keep off tuxedos when choosing an outfit to wear to a wedding party.

2. Revealing dresses

Revealing and skimpy dresses are not for wedding parties. Conservative is the way to go.

Wearing the right clothes for different parties is essential. For one, it will help you blend well with the other people in attendance and have your confidence intact.

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