Clothes from Tesco…

Skirt and top both from Tesco. Although I wouldn’t normally wear patterns together I really like this combo. I need a better belt. Something plain and patent.

Same skirt and it is the asymmetrical top that my Twitter followers decided I should buy despite not being sure. Thanks guys, love this. Still no idea how to wear it though. With a bra? Top underneath? No bra/strapless? Annoyingly it would’ve been better the opposite way round to show off my chest tattoo. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that and covers it completely.

I think you certainly can do goo fashion on the cheap. The tesco clothing line really surprised me and I love what they do. I’m still a lover of expensive designer pieces that will last for years but in a few months none of my clothes will fit properly – hopefully – so it make sense to buy on the cheap for now.

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