Clothes for a hike

In my attempt to get fit I’ve been doing a lot more walking (combined with Geocaching) and Ben and I have decided to go on a few long hikes.

The first time I went on a long hike it was 10 miles. We stopped at a pub around the 4 mile mark for scampi, chips and beer. I also wore Dr Martens boots. I’ve never been so in pain after a walk. DMs are great for kicking people, looking like a punk in and their general awesomeness. They are not for walking.

Hiking boots

Patagonia Women’s shoes – £90 from Spartoo

Good shoes are essential, especially if you intend to encounter some weather. Wellies are not good enough, DMs will give you blisters and trainers will get soaked through if it rains. Not to mention that if you are having to cross difficult terrain, proper hiking boots will have far superior grip to make sure you don’t go tumbling down a mountainside.

Weather-proof clothing

This happens to be the exact jacket I want. Available from Team Lotus’ eshop priced at £150.(Did you lot know I was a massive Formula One fan?)

Your weather-proof gear should be light and breathable. There’s nothing worse than being really hot while you’re walking but unable to take your jacket off because you’ll get soaked otherwise.


Make sure you have sunglasses, sun cream and a good quality rucksack.

This Burton bag has strong straps that are reinforced by a waist strap. It takes less toll on your back and has all the room for everything you’ll need for a day’s hike. It also has space at the side for water bottles.


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