Chunky heels wishlist

Ever since realising that I can walk in mid-sized chunky heels, I’ve been lusting after so many different styles and brands. Here are some of the shoes I’ve currently go my eye on.

new rock boots for womenTimberland boots for women

From the insane to the sedate. The New Rock boots have an air of goth cowboy to them. The steel toe cap and stud details are just beautiful. The heel is quite high for a western-style boot but I imagine these would be super comfortable and very easy to walk in. Following the New Rock beauty are some very stylish Timberland boots. I don’t know what it is about these but I just can’t stop looking at them.

Although I like Diesel as a brand, I’ve never really paid attention to its shoe offering. These boots tick all the boxes for the current trend of platform boots. The heel might be a little high for me but I love the leather/suede contract and the laces. Then there are these fluffy beauties from Manas who do some really weird-looking but amazing shoes and boots. I have one pair of fluffy boots and they look amazing, I need MOAR!

More Friis et Company shoe love here. I love the colour with that contrast bow! The leopard shoes are from Kesslord Paris, I love the tread on the sole and that leopard panel is just perfect!

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