Choosing a Face Scrub

Using an exfoliator on your skin can yield unwanted results if you do not choose the correct type. With so much to choose from these days it is much easier to find something suited to your skin.

Sensitive skin

For those with sensitive skin you should try and find a gentle exfoliator, preferably a natural one suitable for your skin type. Look for ingredients such as sugar, jojoba, vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Also make sure that there are no harsh chemicals such as parabens in the scrub (these can be identified by the suffix ‘paraben.’) Look for retailers and websites that promote natural, handmade products and you will find that these are fine for sensitive skin.  If you do find a daily scrub then it may not be necessary to use it on a daily basis even if it is for sensitive skin, if you find that you can use it just three times a week and gain the desirable results then do so.

Dry skin

With dry skin you need to ensure you get a product that won’t dry you out even more, just the process of putting water on your face to wash the scrub off will dry your skin. Try and find a product formulated for your skin type or turn to other methods of exfoliation for example you can buy exfoliating facial wipes which need no water to work. They will also remove makeup, cleanse and tone. Try and use a natural product, ones with chemicals in tend to dry your skin out even if they do claim to be moisturising. When using any product even one that is formulated to moisturise your skin, apply a moisturiser afterwards whilst your skin is still wet.

Oily skin

For this skin type you need to ensure that the product does not contribute to your oiliness. You could get away with using a daily scrub to remove oil and all the dirt that clings to it. This will prevent spots, rid you of that oily feel and prepare your skin for makeup.

Acne prone skin

There are products out there specifically produced to combat acne, even if you just get one or two spots every so often or you suffer with acne quite badly investing in a product such a Clear and Clear face scrub can help to keep skin clear. If you prefer natural products then look at ones that contain tee tree and that are non-comedogenic, meaning they don’t clog pores, this will help to banish spots. These should be used daily or according to the instructions on the pack. When washing your face with the scrub, to wash it off you should use cold water, although this is less preferable to using warm water (especially with the impending winter months approaching) but it will help close your pores to any oil or gunk from your makeup that may cause spots.

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