Celebrities You Never Realised Needed Glasses

Timeless celebrities like Sophia Loren, hip ones like Johnny Depp, and rock stars like Ozzy Osbourne have long ago embraced their be-spectacled look. Oh, and let’s not forget the character of Harry Potter who made it cool to wear kids’ glasses in school (almost).

Celebrities like Justin Bieber are rumoured to wear them just because they are cool enough to do so, without needing vision corrections. Another Justin, none other than Mr Timberlake, recently came out of the optometric closet on the talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and admitted he was short sighted. Not only is he seen wearing glasses now, but he is also become something of a trendsetter when it comes to eyewear. But, there are other celebrities you never realised needed glasses who do not wear them generally in public.

Since eye glass frames should differ according to face shape for the most complimentary look and can also match eye colours, let’s have some fun and pick out some glasses for these celebrities.

Lindsay Lohan

Like many other celebrities, Lindsey is often seen hiding behind big, clunky sunglasses. However, these are the wrong choice for her as she has a square face and they do not flatter her broad forehead. With her facial shape, she should be wearing narrow frames to
soften the sharper angles of her face.

Julia Roberts

While oblong, or rectangle, is a common face shape, there is nothing common about this pretty woman. She definitely knows what to do fashion-wise as Julia has been spotted with sunglasses that feature contrasting or decorative sides that add width. To correct her vision, she should go with her instinct and wear the same type of corrective lenses.

Leonardo DiCaprio

This heartthrob actually has a heart shaped face, also known as triangle, but heart is certainly a more flattering name. If he were to wear glasses other than for movie roles, he would look great with rimless frame styles or glasses that are narrower towards the brow line. Light materials and colours would be best.

Britney Spears

It somehow seems very fitting that eclectic Britney has one of the rarest face shapes out: the diamond. This means her cheekbones are wide while her chin and forehead are narrower. She should highlight her brown eyes with either matching frames or rimless glasses. Cat-eye shapes and oval frames with distinctive brow lines would also enhance her cheekbones, or she could just stick with contacts.

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra has a round face. While she always looks good in anything, her best glasses would have narrow frames with a clear bridge. Rectangular frames would make her face appear thinner for the most flattering look.

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