Celebrities and Grammar

I’ve always been a bit of a grammar nazi, at least to the really obvious mistakes that people make. I understand typos and I understand some general ignorance but what I don’t understand is why large companies don’t employ proof readers to go through their work. For example, I’ve seen signs that read something like:

“Jess’s website is awesome”

Whilst that statement may be true there is no need for that last ‘s’ on Jess’. Similarly when you are saying that something belongs to a pluralised group you don’t need the last ‘s’. For example:

“The dancers’ clothes weren’t ready.”

More than one dancer and the clothes that belong to them. The above statement is correct.

I believe Jason Manford, the comedian, put it brilliantly on Twitter the other day.


I had to reply to him with a huge round of applause and a small rant about that particular grammar fail. It impresses me and makes me very happy that he understands this as I’ve found maybe one other person in the world that can grasp this part of the English language.

When I was in highschool we went to McDonald’s and in there they had a sign that had mixed up the use of ‘your’ and ‘you’re.’ Suffice to say I corrected them, they took the sign down and redid one with the correct wording. Is it bad to be like this? Those little niggling grammatical mistakes that make me want to verbally assault the writer, I sort of understand the general public not getting these things (not every one is a writer with an English degree) but big businesses? My obsession with this goes so far that I correct people on facebook, I order fast food restaurants to change their signage and I chat with comedians about the annoyances of grammatical incorrectness.

Rant over. Please comment in a grammatically correct fashion.

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  1. Surely you mean ‘not’ everyone is a writer with an English degree?

    Aside from apostrophe rape, the one thing I cannot abide are people who don’t know how many dots are in an ellipsis. I mean my GOD…

    Alas, apostrophe rape is the weapon of choice for cafes and greengrocers throughout the land. We are forever destined to have sausage’s and egg’s on our Full English and purchase the latest special offer on tomato’s. That’s just the way this crazy world works. Fail English at school? Become greengrocer. Natch!

  2. Oh, and McDonald’s has an apostrophe, and is spelled Mc not Mac. I’m sure Sir Ronald would be very annoyed to read about you correcting his staff then getting the name of his gaff wrong on your blog. Unless of course, it was some carefully thought out irony?

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