What the hell is self-care and why do I need it?

I scroll through a lot of positivity and mental health posts on Instagram and all of them talk about regular self-care. All these posts seem to feature tasty meals, spa days or shopping sprees. While these things might constitute self-care, they don’t necessarily embody the practice. So what the hell is self-care? Self-care is about […]

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A freelancer’s Croatian road trip

Being freelance affords me the freedom to go off on amazing road trips. This year’s trip took me through Croatia and Bosnia before ending with a few days in Venice, exploring the rich history of these places while sampling some amazing food and drink.¬†Every place we went to was maddeningly beautiful and I’ve fallen a […]

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Road trip beauty must-haves

I love going on road trips and I’ve crafted a life for myself where I get to go on the regularly, both for work and play. Last year I became the first person to drive Route 57, the UK and Ireland’s answer to Route 66, and this year I drove around Croatia and Bosnia in […]

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