Hair care tips for men

While most men will have short, manageable hair they do the bare minimum with, that’s not to say they don’t need to look after their locks. The same goes for any dude with long/dyed/aggressively styled hair, you need to look after it! Here are some tips.

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OOTD: From spring to summer

I’m a big fan of transitional wear as the days start to get longer and warmer. As a naturally cold person, I’m all about the long skirts and sleeves and am the first person to throw on a cardigan when there’s a chill in the air. asked if they could send me a dress […]

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How to afford designer clothing

Back when I first started this blog, I wasn’t earning the kind of wage that afforded me brand new items of designerwear. That being said, it didn’t really stop me from dabbling with the odd piece I found on sale. This really made me appreciate the quality of designer garments over the disposable fashion of […]

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