OOTD: Cardigans for men

I’ve always been a firm believer in cardigans for men. They make a guy look all snuggly and huggable (although, that’s probably not a deciding factor for most men…).

So when Uniqlo asked if I wanted to choose something from their site, I chose something for Ben. I thought, even if he doesn’t like it, I can always wear it.

cardigans for men

Ben is wearing –¬†Cardigan: c/o Uniqlo | Shirt: Firetrap | Jeans: Fox

He’s paired it all very nicely with one shoe and one walking cast boot.

men's fashion OOTD

In other news, we need to get our fence fixed.

Now, I think Ben looks quite nice in this cardi but he’s not that keen on it. Not because of how it looks or feels but because it’s just not his style. He does jumpers quite well but cardigans seem to be a no-go area.

Uniqlo have lovely knitwear for both men and women but here are my top two when it comes to cardigans for men.

Cardigan orange

Colour. Oh, gentlemen, how you need an orange cardigan in your lives.

If you’re not so keen on the bright colour then perhaps go for something a little more simple. The shape of this is lovely and the contrasting is awesome.

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