C25K Update

It seems you’ve noticed I haven’t been running. Just wanted to say that I will at some point this week but it’s been manic at work. Plus I’m still recovering from the weekend.

I only got the two runs in last week because I developed shin splints. Shooting pains down the front of my legs. Pushed it way too hard on the first day.


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  1. Good luck with C25K! There are a few exercises you can do for shin splints, and a lot of exercises that strengthen your calves and ankles are good for that too. Also, try to land on the mid-part (ball) of your foot instead of on your heel. It’ll feel different at first, and you’ll realize how weak your calves are, but that’s the way we are supposed to run. I highly support barefoot/minimalist running but if you are a shoe person, I would go get your gait checked. Your shoes have a lot to do with it but when it comes down to it, your form is EXTREMELY important in preventing injuries.

    Remember to rest and recover too!

  2. Agree with you, Jess. I wear Newtons (newton running.com), shoes that are designed to emulate barefoot (mid-foot) running and promote a more efficient stride, while reducing stress on joints. These shoes strengthen calves and quads, albeit with some muscle soreness as part of the process.
    Having used the Newtons for some time over 10 to 15k runs, and wouldn’t change.

    Jet, I didn’t mean to turn this into a running forum. Pls keep trying!!

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