Brogues for women

I love brogues but I’ve always struggled to find outfits to wear them with. I have one pair of cheap brogues that I bought as an experiment and they are the perfect smart shoes to wear with a nice dress. Sometimes court shoes just aren’t practical.

With this outfit the shoes worked quite nicely but I think where I’m going wrong is that I chose brogues that are very dainty and simple. Brogues for women like me should be a bit chunkier to balance out my legs. Here are a few ideas…

The green glittery shoes are by C. Petula, a brand I hadn’t heard of until I bought these the other day! I bought them on a whim, thinking they would go beautifully with my green sequined dress. I love the green shininess along with the patent black and the blue heel. They haven’t arrived yet but as soon as they do, I’ll be posting about them!

The next pair are Fericelli brogues, the heel is a good height and I love the contract of the toe. They’d look wonderful with a simple monochrome look.

This first pair look like more traditional brogues. The colour, share and contract along with the detail makes them just spectacular. They’re By Koah, who makes some really fantastic cowboy boots too.

Another C. Petula brogue (actually a derby shoe…) not only are they blue suede – giving you plenty of chances to tell people not to step on them – but the detail is all about these little star punched out of the gold trim.

Loving Betty London shoes at the moment. If I could find these in my size then I’d be all over these glittery platform brogues. They are so, so beautiful.

Although this is a post about brogues for women this last pair and men’s brogues by Allen Edmonds. These are the perfect pair of dancing shoes.

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  1. The glitterly green brogues are amazing! The contrast between the glitter and the patent black is gorgeous – will look great with your dress! xx

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