Birthday, corsets and waist size

It is my 21st birthday on the 2nd November, we are going out on Halloween for a big birthday meal. I have decided to go for a burlesque outfit, my purple corset, some sort of huge skirt (I’m not ever going to be thin enough to wear stockings, suspenders and french knickers to a family meal.) So the skirt is either going to be a Moulin Rouge esque skirt, huge, with ruffles, layers etc. Also, more importantly a bustle so I have a huge arse on purpose. Or something like this:

Slightly less burlesque more 50s Rockabilly but I could make it work. Ideally I’d like the first sort of skirt, I want to do this properly, however, to buy one it would be something like £100 so I might make one. I’ve found a nice tutorial that may work well. I’ll update on that later.

Ben also said that he would buy me a corset if I could get my waist down to 30 inches. So, I am determined to do so in time for this party. Although it means that Ben will be spending money on whatever he’s getting me for my birthday as well as a corset. And I want a proper, steel boned 4 inch waist reducing corset. None of this cheap shit.

I like the ones from, they are just so expensive and I believe I would have to go down to the store in order to find one that fits brilliantly and looks awesome. From that site I’m looking at £200+ for a corset, Ben won’t pay that. I’ll scour EBay later and will update accoridngly.

So new goal.
By the 20th October be a size 30inch waist

How do I do that, how much weight does one have to lose to get rid of 4 inches? Better start exercising!

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