Beautiful boots from Boohoo

For a long time I wanted some studded platform heels. Then Boohoo sent me their AW12 lookbook and very kindly said I could choose one item to review. I jumped at the chance and chose the Emilee Studded Boots.  They’re similar to a style you see a lot of bloggers wearing. I have some similar that I got from eBay but these have that added edge of studs. How could I resist.


I wanted my outfit photos of these shoes to reflect all the punk/goth memories they aroused in me. However, two shoots later and I still didn’t feel I’d done them justice. Regardless, here are a selection of photos from two shoots. In the first I play a grumpy grunger, in the second a curvy assassin.




I wasn’t happy with this shoot. I just look young and like I can’t really be bothered with the whole fashion blogging thing. I was also quite ill here and I think you can tell.

I am wearing…

Emilee Boots: | Trousers: Zalando | T-shirt: The Darkness band tee | Jacket: Next

IMG_5541-2 IMG_5544

IMG_5586 IMG_5595

I almost didn’t post these shots because I’m wearing PVC hot pants and suspender tights… I’m normally more covered up. (I also have that fear that the whole internet will be calling me fat.)

I’m wearing…

Emilee Studded boots: | PVC hot pants from somewhere in Amsterdam | Corset: Corsets UK

In terms of comfort the boots should be super comfy (I have similar that are the only heels I can wear comfortably) but I reckon they are just slightly too high for me. Maybe by half an inch or so. They’re good to walk in but after a while my right foot was getting a bit sore across the top. However, I would definitely recommend them. I am notoriously wimpy when it comes to high heels, most of you would be able to handle these with no problem at all

You can take a look at the advert for the new Boohoo AW12 collection below.

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