Autumn Fashion: Outerwear and Accessories

Image: Autumn Fashion by Francisco Huguenin Uhlfelder used under creative commons license

Autumn is a season of transition. The days are getting shorter and the weather a little colder, but there are still those days when a warm sun appears and beckons for bare legs. The most important accessories for autumn are those that can see you through the changes, whether they’re time or temperature related.

From rotary watches to luxurious layers, autumn fashion is all about accessories and adding items that can be taken off on a warmer day, building warmth with beautiful jumpers and cosy cardigans. For the style-savvy woman, flexibility is significant and it’s important to be prepared for anything in the UK. Hats, scarves, boots, jewellery and watches are the perfect way to style a seasonal transition – allowing you to stay wrapped up while also looking fashionable.

Outerwear is always important as it is the single most visible wardrobe piece. Depending on your style, outerwear can range from the very bold to the relatively subdued. Thinking of outerwear as a staple style piece might lead to a more traditional colour choice, something simple and stylish that you can build on with other accessories. Colour blocks and winter whites are popular this season as well as a range of greys. However, those looking for a statement item could always opt for a tartan coat, such as this one by Versace.

A chic hat and scarf can both complement and accentuate your chosen outerwear. The hats and scarves for autumn this year are big and chunky – knits are always a great option while patterns like houndstooth are seeing a resurgence for 2013.

Finally think about getting some new jewellery to ring in the new season. Pearls are popular, and can offer a great way to dress up a simple black tea dress, while tribal and jungle trends are still in fashion this year too. Alternatively, do a bit of searching around local charity shops and vintage fairs to pick up one-off items such as unique brooches. Classic pieces like rotary watches are always in style and they provide the perfect opportunity to incorporate a sense of timelessness into an otherwise fashion-forward wardrobe.

Putting together a balanced autumn outfit requires adaptability and creativity. The style-savvy woman will be able to make multiple pieces work together in a variety of ways; thus the perfect autumn wardrobe is one that can transition from day to night, warm to cold, and casual to chic with ease and style.

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